2002 Yamaha FZ1
Liquid Silver

These are the plans I have so far.  I have yet to purchase any Neon.

Size (Inches) Color Tubes Location Purpose
6 Red 2 Upper Fairing Front, Lower Rear Shining Down and on the Engine
6 Red 2 Upper Fairing Front, Inside Shining Up to Light Up the Rider and the Fairing
6 Red 1 Upper Fairing Front, Out Front in the Middle Light Up the Ground in Front
6 Red 2 Either Side, Mid Engine on the Frame Engine Lighting and Pipes, Side Glow
6 Red 2 Either Side, Lower Frame Under the Bike No Dark Spots Under the Bike
6 Red 2 Inside the Rear Peg Brackets Lighting the Rear Wheel and the Ground at the Rear
6 Red 1 Inside the Engine on the Air Box Lighting Inside the Engine, It looks Cool



9 Red 2 The Rear Undertail, Set at an Angle No Dark Spots Under the Bike



3 Red 2 Front Frame, Inside Angle Cross Members Lighting the Top of the Engine
3 Red 2 License Plate Light License Plate Lighting and Glow on the Rear
3 Red 2 Around the Rear Shock Lighting the Red Shock and the Swing Arm





Created: October 9, 2001

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