2001 Yamaha R6 Limited Edition #59 of 1000


Warning: Bike Damage in the Following Pictures May NOT be Suitable for Those Adults Who Still Think They're Children.

Date: May 7, 2001


Damage: This Happened When I Dropped My Bike in My Girlfriends Neighborhood Practicing My Slow Starting And Stopping. It Wasn't Ingrained in My Head Yet to Make Sure I Was in 1st Gear. So When I Took Off in 2nd Gear, It Stalled, I Couldn't Get My Foot Down Fast Enough, And It Fell Over. 2 Ladies Walking Down the Road Saw Me Drop It And Came Running Up. I Got Up And All But Threw the Bike Up Off of the Ground.


Date: June 30, 2001

Bottom Left Fairing - Look Closely

Damage: This Happened When I Was I Was on My Way to One of My Now Ex-Roommate's Work to Yell At Her For Lying to My Brother and I. I Just Got Off the Phone With My Brother And I Was Turning in the Parking Lot. I Turned to the Right, Pulled the Clutch in, And Over She Went. You Should Assume at This Point That I Now Want to Kill My Roommate, Because Some How This Was Her Fault LMAO.
Date: August 12, 2001

No Pics Available

Damage: I Went Down To Roebling Road That Sunday to Watch The Races, But My Group And I Could Not Get into the Gate (Refer to "The Rides" Section). We Decided to Leave And Go Down to the Market Area in Savannah. When We Got There, I Found a Parking Spot For Everyone, So I Shot in (All Squid Like), Pulled Out Really Fast to Back In, And I Didn't See the Sand in Time to Do Anything (It's the Same Color as the Concrete Road). THe Bike Went to the Left And I Went to the Right. The Whole Weight of the Bike Landed on My Foot, Which Was Standing on End, Toes Down. I have a really Bad Limp NOW! I was so Pissed ABout the Sand, I Kicked the Whole Pile So Much That I Covered Somebodies Car With it LMAO The Best and Worst Part, I Scrtached My Bike, a Lot of Girls Saw it Happened, But My Buddies Didn't See it Until They Came Around the Corner and I Was Lying on the Ground.

Updated: August 15, 2001

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